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Free Fifa Points are now available today! Ever wished to play as one of the finest teams on Fifa? Ever desired a means to have an endless Fifa 13 supply codes? Well congratulations, because you can have it now through portal. Free Fifa Points generator provides you a limitless number of codes for Fifa 13 that works well for Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and also Fifa 13 game on your personal computer! Now you can be among the best in the game. While other individuals are purchasing points in order to acquire them, you can just sit there and get these points easily and instantly by using our application thus saving your money, time and energy.


Now you are probably thinking that there may be some risk in utilizing this method. There really isn’t any risk. There is an automatic integrated proxy system that alters your Internet protocol (IP) address and conceals it so that you are totally unknown. The codes that are inputted on your gaming system are untraceable therefore you are very secured and untraceable. This really is a lot of security guaranteeing you won’t be suspended or banned. Sony and Microsoft never investigate the number of points people have however we added in additional security as we want our program users to be well protected.

Free Fifa Points generator is updated every week extracting outdated codes and adding in new codes. This is done routinely by Fifa as we utilize their database to get the codes. This guarantees you have a functioning code and are able to acquire them whenever you want.



How to get Free Fifa Points?

  • Download the Fifa Points Generator
  • Extract the files inside the archived folder
  • Run the Fifa Points Generator.exe as administrator
  • Enter your User ID (PC Origin, Xbox Live, PSN)
  • Select the amount of points you want to generate
  • Click “Add Fifa Points” and wait for it to finish
  • Play and enjoy playing Fifa

Free Fifa Points generator download:



This Free Fifa Points generator is completely clean  and we have add a screenshot  of the scanned files using Avast Antivurus

fifa scan


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